RewardBet is now available with DynamicOdds - Used by Punters who want to Bet Better.

RewardBet and DynamicOdds

Dynamic Odds customers can now use a version of RewardBet within the Dynamic Odds interface. We call this the "RewardBet Widget".

The operation and functionality is almost identical to the RewardBet stand-alone web application, RewardBet N+1™ which is the currently supported version.

If you are new to RewardBet, then you'll find our tutorials invaluable. Although made for our RewardBet application, the principals for the RewardBet Widget are exactly the same with the Dynamic Odds Widget.

Overview - Faster and Smarter

RewardBet® is an award-winning and patented software application that helps punters bet faster and smarter for free.

It provides staking intelligence to help you place your bets to ensure you maximise your returns, have higher confidence in your outcomes and replicate the way professional punters approach their betting.


Professional punters already use RewardBet® via our application and now DynamicOdds users can combine the power of RewardBet® with the convenience of DynamicOdds.

Staking and money-management are the most important ingredients of a successful punter. RewardBet® focuses on this area with some clever tools.

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Combine Markets and Staking

Many current RewardBet® users already use many of the tools of DynamicOdds - including analysing market behaviour to help them finalise their bets.

Now you can stake all your bets - win and exotics - like a professional as well. 

The RewardBet® Widget will allow you to focus more on your selections and then you can quickly and easily place all your bets based on their market prices, to the individual cent. 

Reward Levels - Quick Betting

RewardBet provides a simple, patented concept called the Reward Level™to help you quickly decide how to allocate your total stake across different bet types.

The Reward Levels™ progress from Bronze to Diamond - with Bronze naturally providing the lowest return, and Diamond, the highest. 

Behind the scenes, all your combinations are staked proportionately - how professionals bet - to ensure you maximise your returns across all your bet types.

Faster, Smarter, Betting

That's RewardBet® in a few seconds. And it only takes a few seconds to place a RewardBet®. Not only do you bet better, but it's the World's Fastest Betting Interface™

The fastest, smartest, betting experience to help you win more. Enjoy!

Visit the tutorials to learn more about how RewardBet helps you bet better.

Frequently Asked Questions


What operators does the RewardBet Widget support? 

  • The first operator supported by the widget is Australian bookie Topbetta. We will be adding more operators very soon. 

What new features does the RewardBet Widget provide?

  • Since many DynamicOdds users place their WIN bets individually with various operators, the RewardBet Widget has a special feature where it records your individual WIN selections and will automatically pre-select those runners.
  • When you click on the Widget, you can toggle the "Include Win" option on/off. If it is 'off', your Reward Levels and subsequent bets will NOT include any Win bets (as you've already placed them on the main DynamicOdds interface). This allows you to quickly target just exotics (quinella, exacta, trifecta) with the RewardBet Widget.

What are some of the features coming up?

  • Additional betting operators. We want to provide as many operators as we can, but to help us prioritise please suggest your favourites here.
  • New bet types. If a betting operator has a fast interface we will incorporate first four as a bet type as well (this can create many hundreds of individual bets so can only work with some operators).
  • RewardBet multi-race bets - doubles, trebles and RewardBet Quaddies are all in the pipeline.