RewardBet Premium - Betting Only Service

RewardBet Premium - Betting Only Service is the most-economical way of increasing your returns and experiencing a better RewardBet Betting experience.  

- New Wagering Operators (TAB NSW/VIC already onboard!)

- Premium Features

- Professional Tools


Join the NEW RewardBet Premium service - Betting Only Service - to increase your betting options by being able link your TAB (NSW or VIC) account to RewardBet and experience a quicker bet placement experience PLUS you earn TAB Rewards points (if applicable) on your betting!


RewardBet Standard RewardBet Premium - Betting Only
Award Winning For Serious Winners

Standard Always Free
Save 38% with Annual Price
$67.00 /year
RewardBet System
Patented Staking Smarts (Proven to Win More)
  Bet Types
Win, Quinella, Exacta and Trifecta Bet Types
Fast Betting
World's Fastest Betting Interface
  Edit Prices
Edit Prices Feature as used by Professionals
My Bets
Exclusive My Bets History
  Estimated Returns
Exclusive Estimated Returns for All Bets
Three Custom Levels
Three Custom Levels
  Wagering Operators
Default Wagering Operator (TopBetta)
  More Bonus Levels
Additional Custom Levels
  Extra Operators
Extra Wagering Operators*
  First Four
First Four Bets*
  Power Buttons
Power Buttons*
  Future Premium Updates
Future Premium Updates*
First Access to RewardBet Sports

Or Subscribe Monthly at $9 per month - You still receive all the same benefits as the annual plan with the convenience of monthly payments.



[*RewardBet Premium Features on our roadmap - coming soon]

  • Bonus Custom Levels - Create up to five Custom Levels to suit any situation. [Delivered Jul 10 18]

  • TAB NSW and VIC ACCOUNTS - [Delivered Aug 30 2018]

  • Extra Operators - Betfair, SportsBet, BetEasy coming soon!

  • First Four Bets - One of our most popular requests.

  • Power Buttons - Quickly select runners based on powerful market intelligence.

  • Future Premium Updates - All our future updates as long as you maintain your subscription.

  • RewardBet Sports will revolutionise your Sports Multi experience. As a Premium member, you'll have first access to it!