Previous Member Special Renewal Offer

As a previous member of the SSSS Tips you know that we consistently beat the bookies with our overlays - and our recent “form” has been very strong. This has coincided with us seeking to improve our returns from both the Rocktober selections and also the insights of Mr Pretium (or Mr Market as I like to call him).

We record results as we post the prices, but if you use the “lazy” Betfair SP approach your returns would be quite sensational!

The ONLY way to win is:

1 - Seek VALUE selections

2. STAKE appropriately

We generally avoid the favourites and that also provides consistent excitement and selections that no one else can provide.

Exclusive Welcome Back Offer

We want you to have a profitable time in the lead up to Christmas and we are offering this outstanding subscription offer at 50% off!

This is a LIMITED OFFER only for previous SSSS Subscribers.

NB: If you want to UNSUBSCRIBE after your THREE MONTHS, that’s fine.