Six Steps to Better Betting

For Aussie Racing Punters


If you're like many Aussies and love a punt on the Horses or Greyhounds, you should give yourself the best chance of maximising your returns.

Have fun and have the best chance of winning by following these steps.

STEP 1: Learn from the Professionals

Professional Punters win because they apply equal attention to staking their bets as choosing their selections.

STEP 2: Understand Percentages

Do you bet one horse or dog a race, or more? It's not how many, but the percentage of the market that's important.

STEP 3: Confidence makes you a Better Bettor

Regular returns provide the confidence to make better selections. Infrequent wins cause stress and chasing.

STEP 4: Winners Manage their Betting Banks

Your outlay on each race should be determined by your betting bank, not whether you are winning or losing today.

STEP 5: The Betting Market is the Secret Formguide

Take heed of the betting market. It will guide you into plenty of winners that the formguide will never reveal. 

STEP 6: Look Beyond Your Bookie's App When Betting

They don't provide the tools you need to bet better and are home to the punter who doesn't know any better.