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Mr Pretium's Secret Methods


About "Mr Pretium’s"(Latin for Value) Secret Methods.

Mr Pretium has developed this technique over the last decade.

He has used it for his own betting for a long time so he will remain secret (and elusive).

However, over-time, he confided and worked with RewardBet Inventor, Greg Conroy who had his own insights into the industry, having worked for Tabcorp, Betfair, RewardBet and around professional punters.

Greg is the only other person who knows the methods and has, indeed, improved and re-worked some of them - since this industry keeps changing and you have to change to be successful.

Greg has always wanted to help punters bet better. That’s why he invented RewardBet and has invested so much time in trying to educate (those who want to learn) about better betting methods.

With the blessing of Mr Pretium, Greg is now releasing his version of Mr Pretium’s Secrets to a select few who really want to ramp up their understanding of how to better attack Australiam racing to win more.

Mr Pretium’s Winning More Book

Mr Pretium’s Winning More - 2019 Edition

  • Introduction to Mr Pretium’s methods

  • How to set yourself up to attack the bookies

  • The clues the bookies provide and how to benefit

  • How to think differently to win more

  • Betfair - the good, the bad and the ugly

  • 2019 Tips, Techniques and Tactics

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Mr Pretium Video Masterclasses

The masterclasses are video tutorials that show you specific tactics and techniques developed by Mr Pretium to gain an edge. These are exclusive and very profitable techniques that will provide you insights to advance your winnings.

2019 Masterclasses

Masterclass 1 - $297 - The Cash Kings - Identifying a certain syndicate stripping the TABs

Masterclass 2 - $97 - Tick-tock let’s beat the clock - Signs and Signals to watch for

Masterclass 3 - $297 - The “LTM Play” - Identifying some very smart money

Masterclass 4 - $197 - The “Easy-be-wary Play” - One of the best current strategies to save you money

Masterclass 5 - $97 - Horses not for courses - Identifying the risky prospects

Masterclass 6 - $97 - Carnival Time is Party Time

Masterclass 7 - $97 - Newbies Mistakes - keeping under the radar

Masterclass 8 - $297 - Unlocking WA Racing - The Happy Hunting Ground

DEAL ONE - Masterclasses 1 to 4 for $697 (normally $888) - save $191

DEAL TWO - Masterclasses 1, 3, 8 for $697 (normally $891) - save $194

MEGA DEAL - All 8 Masterclasses for $997 (normally $1476) - save $479