Shadow Service

A treasure trove of information to help you as part of the Shadow Service.

Click on the links in the menu (generally on the left on non-mobiles).

Some Admin

We use SLACK to communicate in real-time. It’s a tool used by many businesses and millions of people. You will be sent an invite to it.

When you join we suggest you don’t use your REAL NAME - just choose a pseudonym.

Some Rules

  1. NO mention of this group or your membership on the RewardBet Premium Group or elsewhere. We will instantly remove you if there is any mention.

  2. You are receiving extremely valuable information. Use it wisely and NEVER share it.

  3. Do not go too full-on … just keep under the radar with the bookies otherwise you’ll get quickly marked and you’ll end up banned from early betting.

  4. Don’t get PROMO BANNED. If you only use a bookie for the promos then you won’t get any in the future, very soon.

  5. If you have some good info - then share it with the group please.

  6. Don’t kill early prices … do not bet with Bet365 early when the markets come up. Wait until about 4 or 5 bookies have prices up - and then don’t bet too much (ie: bet to win $500 or less early)