[Audio] The Importance of Speed Maps

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This article originally appeared in a series called "Nadia Horne Monday Master Class" at this link https://nadiahorne.com/monday-masterclass.

Nadia is a very experienced commentator on Australian Racing and Paul Daily is the owner of Ratings2Win and a very astute form analyst and successful punter in his own right. This article covers topics including:

  • Importance of Speed Maps.
  • What a Speed Map Means.
  • Why a Horse might be Advantaged or Disadvantaged by Race Pace or Tempo.
  • "Artificial Speed", what it means and why it might happen.
  • Why stepping up in distance is not necessarily bad.


Personally I find a speed map is one of the very first things I do when assessing a race. I want to be on the horses I feel will not only get a good run but also run to suit its style and perform at its best. I would then do my form study on the horse and its rivals to place a price and find out where I am happy to back it.

The Champions Bets analysts all pride themselves on doing the best speed maps possible for their clients as it not only tells us what horses will get the best runs but also an edge in the market place.

Give it a go next time you like a horse in a race and it might just be the difference in the bottom line of your punting day!”
— Shane Adair @ ChampionBets.com.au