Casino and Keno Benefits

RewardBet® has developed variations that work across Casino Games such as Roulette (both online and a real-table POC), Sic Bo, Big Wheel and even Keno.

The only new Roulette product worth considering here (@ ICE 2014)
— Macau Based Roulette Product Manager

Some of the benefits of RewardBet® across these games include:

  • Increases engagement of punters, providing a simpler and less daunting experience across betting games that have significant barriers to entry (eg, complexity of bet options) for new punters,
  • Provides a quicker betting experience - speeding up bet placement and providing more engagement,
  • Offers a new way to play - providing competitive marketing opportunities,
  • Provides access to RewardBet Promo levels - further increasing marketing and engagement opportunities.