Pari-Mutuel Benefits

For a pari-mutuel operator, RewardBet® "ticks all the boxes" - delivering exceptional benefits and revenue. 

If you run a pari-mutuel system, the implementation of RewardBet® should be mandatory if you want to grow turnover and revenue. 

RewardBet ticks all the boxes
— CEO Wagering, Tabcorp, Australia
I am very impressed with the RewardBet product - it’s a great fit for our online offer
— CEO Tier 1 Australian Tote

Operator  Benefits

These are a few of the benefits that RewardBet® provides to pari-mutuel operators*:

  • World's Fastest Betting Interface™ - reducing customer betting transaction times by over 15 times,
  • Increases Turnover - by at least 25% - resulting in substantially more pari-mutuel revenue,
  • Increases Commission Revenue - by at least 10% - through moving punters to higher yielding bet types,
  • Rebalances the Professional vs Recreational Punter Dynamic - which helps to attract and engage recreational punters as well as increasing professional punter turnover,
  • Attracts and engages with more punters - reducing the barriers to betting on pari-mutuel racing,
  • Reduces Costs of Operating - quicker betting transactions, reduced ticket stock overheads, simplified betting interface - all substantially reduce fixed pari-mutuel overheads,
  • Operates across any channel: operator, ticket, digital - providing a quick, seamless betting experience to every customer.

If you are a pari-mutuel operator, then increased turnover, commission revenue and engagement, not to mention The World's Fastest Betting Interface™ make RewardBet® a mandatory product to implement.

More turnover, more commission revenue and faster customer betting placement with higher engagement and a reduced barrier to entry for new customers is why the Head of Wagering for Tabcorp said "RewardBet® Ticks All The Boxes".


* based on our Australian experience within a totalizator market averaging about 18% takeout. The exact upside will change depending on an operator's takeout rate across their bet-types and the popularity of particular bet-types.