Sports Benefits

RewardBet® Sports is an exciting variant to an operator's traditional Sports Multi offering.

Best Product I’ve Seen in my 40 Years in the Industry
— South African Gambling Consultant

It is extremely easy to implement as it sits above an operator's current sports-multi betting slip and offers incredible advantages:

  • Allows punters to bet with their heart rather than their head - removing the price-barrier to selecting multi options,
  • Encourages punters to select outsiders more readily, providing more favourable operator pricing scenarios,
  • Reduces the volatility of operator's results - providing a more predictable management and reporting environment,
  • Easier cash-out options: Punters can be told their cash-out levels even before the RewardBet Sports Multi is placed,
  • Better transparency - Punters know their potential returns at any level of their multi results, regardless of the order that results fall,
  • Increased multi-chains - reducing the barrier to selecting higher-priced options opens up the punter to longer multi-chains.

RewardBet Sports Interface (sample) - A simpler, but much more engaging way to bet on Sports Multis.


RewardBet Sports is the best way to provide Sports Multis to your punters. Benefits for both punter and operator are extraordinary.