RewardBet® is a patented software interface designed to complement and enhance the way an operator delivers betting to customers. We are not a bookmaker, totalizator (pari-mutuel) or rewards/loyalty supplier.

It was invented by an Australian Internet Betting Pioneer to grow the wagering/gambling ecosystem by increasing punter engagement, reducing acquisition costs and delivering superior financial returns to operators.

The newest version, RewardBet® N+1™ is The World's Fastest Betting Interface™ (in terms of clicks to bet submission) offering operators a substantial competitive advantage.

I wish I had thought of RewardBet®
— Wagering Executive, Tier 1 Asian Tote

RewardBet® can be applied across: 

Integration is simplified as it sits above already approved and existing bet types so punters will see immediate benefits which will flow through to the operator.

The product has been tested under a MVP offering for three years in Australia with Tabcorp's subsidiary Luxbet with millions of bets placed through the system.

In the most competitive wagering market in the world, RewardBet® MVP offering proved to be Australia's lowest cost of acquisition wagering product in history.

RewardBet® is looking for strategic and commercial partners across the globe that want to deliver an award-winning, superior betting experience to their customers and gain a competitive edge over their competition. 

This comprehensive feature matrix (for world-wide operators) provides an extensive overview of how RewardBet provides benefits to operators across verticals.

We have also an Australian focused feature matrix which is applicable to Australian wagering operators.

Click on the options to the left to drill-down into the benefits for each area that RewardBet® covers.

Every channel can benefit from RewardBet® - although its real power comes across the digital implementation, but even operators offering call centres or ticked based wagering will see significant benefits in customer bet placement.


RewardBet® is about as close to the "perfect wagering" product that one could expect. It provides benefits, not just for punters - all punters, but also for operators and even the "industry" as as whole, as it helps grow engagement and opportunity.


RewardBet® has many layers which brings a together a product that not only works across multiple verticals and channels, but also a diversity of punters from novices to professionals.


Rarely does one see so many positive comments from across the industry and punters for a product.

View our infographic  on the Australian B2B RewardBet Experience.

View our infographic on the Australian B2B RewardBet Experience.