Virtual Racing Benefits

For a Virtual Racing Operator, RewardBet® others a compelling solution.

RewardBet® has already signed a non-exclusive agreement with Kiron Interactive to put RewardBet® in as a user-interface option for their virtual customers.

We can’t stop talking about RewardBet® - we want it in our virtual racing product yesterday!
— Executive Committee of Retail Agency Network, Australia

Since virtual racing primarily appeals to gamblers in the first instance, who are not across the traditional racing wagering product bet types, there's a significant hurdle of bet type education that needs to be overcome.

RewardBet's patented solution allows for faster, easier engagement for the virtual racing customer. Some of the advantages include: 

  • World's Fastest Betting Interface™ - reducing customer betting transaction times by over 15 times, which is especially important with Virtual Racing's rapid race-to-race action,
  • Reduces barrier to entry - Punters can engage with RewardBet® with no prior knowledge of bet-types - traditionally a significant hurdle to virtual racing engagement, 
  • Attracts and engages with more punters - RewardBet's interface is enjoyable and exciting to use for all punters, 
  • Reduces Costs of Operating - quicker betting transactions, reduced ticket stock overheads, simplified betting interface - all substantially reduce operator overheads,
  • Operates across any channel: operator, ticket, digital - providing a quick, seamless betting experience to every customer.

A working-prototype of RewardBet's Interface on a Virtual Racing product reduces the number of clicks for the customer by about 20 fold to place a bet. Vitally important when there's a virtual race every two minutes with about 1 minute to 'place your bets'.

Virtual Racing operators know too well how the existing bet types and the requirement for a punter to know how to use them are a significant barrier to new player engagement.

RewardBet® allows new players to have the best racing experience - either real or virtual - without requiring prior knowledge of bet types before they have their first bets. 

As they use RewardBet®, they will start to learn about bet types gradually - which allows many more customers to experience the racing product and slowly educates them about the bet types - so you end up with higher engaged punters.