Inbuilt Responsible Wagering

RewardBet® was invented to create a product for the future of the wagering (and gaming) industry. But in order to have long-term punter engagement, you require a product that helps the punter have a better time and experience whether they win or lose.

Additionally, any new product is a potential target for anti-betting voices.

So, RewardBet® was designed with inbuilt responsible wagering features.

RewardBet® is the only wagering and gaming product designed specifically with Responsible Wagering considerations - to ensure punters have the best experience and are customers for as long as possible.
— Gregory Conroy, RewardBet® Inventor
RewardBet's Market Gauge is just one of the many Responsible Wagering features.

RewardBet's Market Gauge is just one of the many Responsible Wagering features.

These are some of the Responsible Wagering features of RewardBet®

  • Every RewardBet® transaction is over-seen by our patented Market Gauge™ which provides the customer with an idea of their risk-reward for any bet using a simple traffic-light red - amber - green indicator,
  • When betting into pari-mutuel pools, our Pool Size Flag™ will warn punters when they are over-betting into a pool and that their dividends may be compromised,
  • The inherent design of RewardBet® using our patented Reward Levels™ means that punters are dissuaded from increasing outlays to chase losses. Rather, they can increase their risk appetite by choosing a higher Reward Level™ meaning that their total outlays with respect to their banks are more controlled and they have a much better and longer betting experience,
  • Customers can create their own Custom Reward Levels™ allowing them to better control and understand the break-down of their wagers and balance the lower and higher risk bet types easily,
  • Every RewardBet® shows the punter with complete transparency, their estimated returns for their outlays. This way they can easily understand the risk-reward profile of their bet and adjust their outlays appropriately.