Fixed Odds Racing

RewardBet® performs across both pari-mutuel and Fixed Odds racing.

In fact, RewardBet® was first trialled with a Fixed Odds Australian bookmaker, Tabcorp subsidiary, Luxbet.

We all love RewardBet®
— General Manager, Luxbet, Australia

Some of the advantages that RewardBet® provides a fixed-odds operator are:

  • World's Fastest Betting Interface™ - reducing customer betting transaction times by over 15 times,
  • Increases Engagement - punters bet more and engage with their non-core areas more frequently,
  • Historically high yields- over millions of bets, the operator yield thru RewardBet® has been well above industry averages,
  • Provides "industry-leading" opportunity for Fixed Odds Exotics - RewardBet® provides the perfect opportunity for operators to supplement their win/place offering with Fixed Odds Exotics,
  • Attracts and engages with more punters - reducing the barriers to betting on racing,
  • Reduces Costs of Operating - quicker betting transactions, higher customer engagement, simplified betting interface - all substantially reduce operator overheads and re-engagement costs,
  • Operates across any channel: operator, ticket, digital - providing a quick, seamless betting experience to every customer.