Virtual Sports Benefits

For a Virtual Sports Operator, RewardBet® others a significant advantage.

Just like the advantages to Virtual Racing operators, it is critical to engage with a virtual sports punter, not just through compelling vision and graphics, but also through a superior betting interface.

RewardBet® is a brilliant product!
— Wagering CEO, Europe.

Virtual Sports primarily appeals to gamblers in the first instance, who are excited by the imagery, repeat play and diverse betting options.

But, there's still a significant hurdle of betting placement that doesn't match the new and exciting nature of the sports product.

RewardBet's patented solution allows for faster, easier engagement for the virtual sports customer especially across higher-yielding multi-bets. Some of the advantages include: 

  • Allows punters to bet with their heart rather than their head - removing the price-barrier to selecting multi options,
  • Encourages punters to select outsiders more readily, providing more favourable operator pricing scenarios,
  • Easier cash-out options: Punters can be told their cash-out levels even before the RewardBet Virtual Sports Multi is placed,
  • Better transparency - Punters know their potential returns at any level of their multi results, regardless of the order that results fall,
  • Increased multi-chains - reducing the barrier to selecting higher-priced options opens up the punter to longer multi-chains.
  • Attracts and engages with more punters - RewardBet's interface is enjoyable and exciting to use for all punters, 
  • Reduces Costs of Operating - quicker betting transactions, reduced ticket stock overheads, simplified betting interface - all substantially reduce operator overheads,
  • Operates across any channel: operator, ticket, digital - providing a quick, seamless betting experience to every customer.